Driving by the Rear View Mirror

Imagine you and a few others are riding with a friend in his car.  But rather than looking through the front windshield, he spends the whole time looking in the rear view mirror while he is driving.  When he sees the eyes of his passengers get really wide and they start to gasp out loud he knows it’s time to do something:  turn, hit the brakes, or speed up.  You may eventually get close to where you wanted to go, but not without a lot of stress and uncertainty, and probably a mishap or two.

That’s how a lot of CEO’s run their businesses.  They spend 90% of their time looking at past performance but nobody in the business is looking forward.   In a big company that’s the role of the CFO, but most small and mid-size businesses don’t have that luxury.  That’s when a fractional CFO really makes sense.  You get the expertise of an experienced CFO to help guide your business without the expense of a full-time hire.  The ride won’t be nearly as exciting…but you will get to your business destination sooner and you will avoid the mishaps along the way.

Call us at Precision CFO and let us help you with the driving.