Our Clients Agree

Scott valued our business and did a fantastic job. He was extremely knowledgeable about valuation and he took the time to explain it to me in plain language. He has lots of business experience and he was able to quickly understand the nuances of our business model. I was impressed with his professionalism and timeliness. I would recommend Scott to anyone who needs to value a privately held business.

I hired Scott to help us value our business recently and I was very pleased with the experience. He knew the right questions to ask and he quickly understood the key issues in our business. I was especially impressed with his ability to explain complex issues in very easy to understand language. His work was thorough and timely and he was immediately available for follow questions that come up a few weeks later. I would recommend Scott to anyone needing a business valuation.

I chose Scott for my business' valuation after talking to several other consultants. I liked how he offered several options for obtaining a valuation and didn't try to sell me on more than I really needed. Once we were working together, Scott was my advocate. He armed me with data and talking points to help me get the best deal possible. If I ever need another valuation, I'll be hiring Scott again.

Like many long time, family owned operations, our business is our largest and primary financial asset. While we have suspicions or ideas regarding business value there are times when knowing specifically what a business is worth can be very beneficial. Scott provided a very reasonable way for us to get good, solid information on the value of our operation. Additionally, he pointed us at various metrics where improvements would quickly drive improved value. Focusing on these areas allowed us to make beneficial changes. A business like ours cannot afford to have expertise like Scott’s on staff full time. Scott gives us affordable access to expertise that would otherwise be out of reach. I highly recommend Scott to anyone needing similar or even different assistance.

We had a wonderful experience with Precision CFO. Scott has a rare combination of financial expertise and exceptional communication skills. We were working harder than ever but our growth had stalled and profits had fallen. Scott quickly figured out the root causes and offered a range of solutions that were highly effective, but easy to maintain. The results were fantastic. Through it all, he explained everything in easy to understand language. We really appreciated the Red Pen Guarantee, even though we never needed to use it. We continue to rely on his expertise from time to time and we would highly recommend Precision CFO to anyone!

Precision CFO was a pleasure to work with and we could not be happier with our decision. They were able to help us solve a problem and bring an expertise and skill set to our company that we needed. Scott was able to quickly identify our needs and compile a project that helped us reach a very important goal for our company. The professionalism, response time and quality of work from Precision CFO far exceeded our expectations. They are a great team!