How to Maximize the Value of Your Business

3 Steps to Maximize the Value of Your Business

  1. Start with a professional Business Valuation: make sure it uses all 3 Approaches to Value; Rules of thumb (ex. 1 x Sales; 3.5 x EBIT) are frequently not accurate for a specific business.
  2. Understand the “Value Drivers” in your business; both positive and negative. These are the underlying reasons for the current value.
  3. Develop a blueprint to Increase Value based on those drivers: a step by step recipe for what is required to increase business value.

At Precision Valuation, making businesses more valuable is what we do.  We combine over 30 years of experience as Business Valuation Expert and Enterprise Value Growth Coach.  The Result: a More Valuable Business.

The Best time to take these steps is BEFORE you are ready to sell.  Call Scott Abels at 512-673-3530 for a free consultation.